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Design editor

Real Desktop 2.0 comes with a new design editor that allows you to create your own room designs. You have a lot of setup possibilities about the surface, symbols and selection. Start the Design Editor from the menu bar at the top of the screen by selecting Design -> Create, so the design editor opens in a new dialog.

With the tab Surface you can specify the graphics for all 6 walls. Under Options you can choose between two possible ways to ink the walls. With the selection Mixing you can setup graphics for the walls automatically by mixing two colors of your choice. The colors can be defined below Mix by a direct click on the current color. This opens a new dialog Color in which you can specify the new color. Click OK to accept the new color. The current room walls are now displayed in a preview of the new color mixing. Under the color selection, you can use the button Random to generate two random colors. Another option is to assign each wall a custom graphic or photo of your choice. Select under Options the radio button User. All walls are now displayed in a red/blue pattern, which means that no graphic was assigned to these walls. Below the radio button User you can assign for each wall your custom graphic by a the left mouse button click. This will open the display the dialog Open where you can select the desired image for the wall on your hard drive. After you have done the selection, confirm with OK. Do the same procedure for all other surfaces to create a complete room design. Finally you can setup the ground surface reflection for your new design under Reflection.

Below the tab Symbols you can set the font, font size and font color of all displayed file names. To change the font color, click with the left mouse button directly to the currently displayed color. In the upcoming dialog Color you can set the desired font color. Click OK to confirm your selection. Below the settings you will see your changes in a preview text.

Below the tab Selection you can set the selection colors. There is a distinction between the selection color of the files and the lasso/ box selection. The selection color of files defines the object and label selection color. The color choice of the lasso/box sets the color of the lasso/box selection color inside and outside, which technique allows you to select multiple files across the screen. Each color can be changed by a click on the current color, so a new dialog appears. Select the desired new color and confirm your setting by clicking OK.

Finally you have to enter a name for your new design in the bottom of the dialog and click then on Create to create your new design. Your new design will be used as the default design for the current room.